ProAGtive Dairy Nutrition is comprised of independent dairy nutrition consultants, dairy tech support staff and a dairy technical services team.  At ProAGtive Dairy Nutrition we work as a team to provide prompt, progressive service on both nutrition and management.  In addition to servicing the customer, the independent nutrition consultants work with our dairy tech team daily to optimize rations and ingredients for the dairy.  Our technical services team provides cutting-edge data analysis and dairy management insight. Our goal is a profitable strategy informed by current industry trends. We believe in a team approach -internally and externally- will offer the best results.


What we deliver with understanding the goals of the dairy: 

  • Prompt, attentive on-farm service by our nutrition consultants and technical services team
  • Optimized performance from home-grown forages
  • Increased pounds of Combined Fat and Protein
  • Reduced transition health events
  • Improved cow longevity
  • Improved milk income over feed cost
  • Thoughtful ration formulation for production and cost optimization
  • Long-term strategy to maximize performance and profitability goals
  • Integration of key farm data to verify progress and identify future opportunities

Our Mission Statement

We bring competitive solutions and support to the farm to deliver experience and innovation to maximize production, profit and performance.

We have a passion for dairy production and management solutions forged in partnership with producers and their cows. Our goal is to inform, empower and partner with each of our clients. We provide nutrition, management and data solutions paired with quality products and outstanding service. ProAGtive Dairy Nutrition is redefining success for our producers through a commitment to farm profitability and cow well-being.